The journey from home builder to a full-service building renovation company.

More than ten years ago, we noticed a gap in the market. This was for an exceptional home renovation and construction service company. A company to serve the needs of property owners the length and breadth of PEI.

At that time, there were scores of solo contractors within the PEI construction business. But they would not always have the manpower to handle larger renovation projects in a timely manner. Solving this issue would require an integrated approach and sophisticated project management. This was one of the goals we had in mind when we set up Atlantic Renovations.

One of our priorities as a PEI contractor is to always be available to take our client’s calls. From experience, we knew that sole owners are often out on site and unavailable to the client.

But our approach means the client can always speak to a member of the AR team during working hours. And it means that members of the different AR teams – customer service, site visit, on site trades – engage with the client at the appropriate time in the process.

Also, setting up the company in this way enables us to provide a detailed quote, one the client can rely on. In this way, the client can be clear what they are getting for their money. And it also reassures them there will be no changes to this quote so they know the price they will pay in advance.


Atlantic Renovations over the years..

Atlantic Renovations was initially called Costruct Company, but was rebranded to Atlantic Renovations in recent years.


CoStruct launched. First projects involved new building construction.

We did complete home builds from the foundation on up. And we also did some full-home renovations where the entire interior was reconstructed.


Transitioned to more of a focus on renovations.

As we got to know our clients better and build our team, we decided to focus more on renovations.


Set up of a dedicated customer service team.

It became clear that good customer service meant having a team approach to customer service. This guarantees that our clients can always reach us.


We changed our name to Atlantic Renovations, to make it easier for clients to understand what we do.

Here we rebranded to make it more clear that we are focused on renovations. We want it to be instantly clear to our clients what kind of services we can offer for them.


ATLANTIC RENOVATIONS is constantly evolving. It has a goal to be the largest Home Services provider on PEI.

Our goal is to continue building our team so we can continue to provide timely renovation services, no matter the renovation size.

Why Choose Us


We have a professional approach. Pride in our work. And a proven record serving the renovation needs of PEI property owners. The fourth ‘P’ is your peace of mind, via our insurance protection.


We set up our company to best serve the needs of our clients. The formation of a customer service team allows clients to contact AR at any time.


We want you to be happy with the outcome. We have found the best way to achieve that is to take pride in all aspects of what we do as a company. From customer service through to construction.


Do not take our word for it! Click on the following link to see what our previous customers have to say about our work.


We have $2M of General Liability Insurance cover. We do not expect anything to go wrong. But in case it does, that insurance protects you.

We will help you with your dream renovation.
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